Saturday, October 13, 2007

blogless but fine

So, my blog is down for now. I am uncomfortable with the fact that someone I know in real life might know me online without me knowing, you know? So I took it down. Saved it, of course, but took it down.

No offense to the person/people irl who may have come across this blog. It's just that I don't feel comfortable with acquaintances knowing the ins and outs of my emotions and my family life.

Anyway, it's not a huge deal to me right now. Blogging has been last on my list of things to do since I started my job in late August. I read all y'all's blogs, yes, but my own writing has come to an all-time low. So really, it's okay. Like a weed, I'm sure I'll pop back up in the sidewalk cracks of cyberspace at some point.

I've enjoyed blogging and have benefited from and really enjoyed my readers' comments. It's been fun and at times really important. As casual as I am being about taking my blog down, I don't take for granted the good things that blogging has given me.

Picchi and Pacchi are both well, as are Uomo and I. Life is just really busy and demanding. But really good. I still have a tendency to get worried about whatever a lot. Last night, however, I was lying in bed, and I could hear Uomo snoring and at the same time Pacchi talking in his sleep over the monitor. I could hear Picchi breathing. I thought, "Wait a minute. Life is good, in this moment. Thank God for this moment, when no one is feeling sick or having asthma or awaiting a result or anything. Everyone is safe and warm and here under one roof. I am going welcome and be with this moment. I am going to accept and welcome peace, graciously, rather than worry about what comes next or whether this will last." And I slept better than I have in so long.

I hope you are well too, even in increments of little moments. They do count.